Spade, Pen and LENS

  At Riverlee Farm we are not just farmers. We also have a background in communications, with writing and photography a major part of our lives. We have provided stories and covered events for publications like The Countryman, the ABC, The West Australian, The Kalgoorlie Miner, The Esperance Express, Greening Australia, Currie Communications and other publications. At Riverlee and at Loch Hill, writers' workshops, arts events and cultural activities will be a part of our future, and we plan to create an exhibition space for art and photography created by us and others for all to enjoy.

Recent creative works:

Esperance Community Arts Digital Creation Hub: Top Tops:

The Countryman: Rain on the Morcombe Farm:

Rural Room Media Stringers: Dodie and Rosie are part of the Rural Room network of creatives telling stories from the regions...all around Australia.

Rural Room Stories from the Sti"cks:

"Aid workers pay the ultimate price":

"Kelpies...tailing the mob for over a hundred years":