House Home Abode

We have built the house at Dalyup (on Riverlee Farm) and the cottage on the Pink Lake (Loch Hill) out of as much recycled or sustainable material as possible. Packing case, old window frames, locally sourced sand and granite, salvaged floor boards and doors...all have been used in the buildings. The corrugated iron which forms the cladding for Riverlee homestead's exterior walls and lines its ceilings came from the Esperance Primary School, as did the floorboards, bearers, joist and even the bench that sits outside the front door. Bush timber has been used where possible, sustainably harvested from local woodlands and valued for its strength and natural beauty.

Esperance Treated Timbers provided the stumps that the house is nestled on. The house was designed by Esperance based company Double Vision Designs, with engineering plans by Structerre. Plans for the surrounding gardens and outbuildings were the result of hours of consultation with Harriot Mair Landscape Architect, and the plants that have started to make her vision a reality have been sourced from Esperance Farm Trees.

Through the process, Roger Robertson and Tim Laycock have patiently worked with the wonky timbers and crooked beams to create a build that we all love.